Cherry Syrup 700 ml Glass

Cherry Syrup 700 ml Glass

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One of the more uncommon ingredients in a bartender’s arsenal, cherry is an interesting and pleasant flavour; offering a ripe, earthy aroma that seduces the front tip of your palate. Our MONIN Cherry is great. Viscous enough to hold in most cocktails, yet light in flavour. What we have done is incorporated our MONIN Cherry into our Beverage Innovator’s cocktail, ‘Suite Dreams’. In 2015, Eddie’s cocktail was one of 10 New Zealand finalists for the national final of the world’s biggest gin-based cocktail competition, Beefeater MIXLDN. This drink was chosen as the ‘people’s choice’ cocktail in the national final.

Putting a simple twist on Eddie’s cocktail, start by adding into a shaker:

45ml Beefeater London Dry Gin

30ml Fresh Pineapple Juice

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

20ml MONIN Cherry

10ml MONIN Elderflower

Dash Angostura Bitters

Add ice and shake hard for 8 seconds. Double strain into an ice-filled old fashioned glass. Cap with some crushed ice (To do this in your kitchen, simply add a good amount of ice onto a kitchen towel. Fold it up so that the ice cannot escape, then beat the ice with a muddler), then garnish with two pineapple wedges.

This cocktail is light and refreshing. From subtle floral notes from the elderflower, to the main flavour dimension, cherry, this drink will surely satisfy the taste buds.

Try experiment with MONIN cherry, and let your creativity run free!