Popcorn Syrup

Popcorn Syrup

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Our MONIN Popcorn syrup is a wonderfully rich flavour, with a robust initial bite of burnt butter, rounding off the sides of the palate, and ending with a warm hit of a nostalgic popcorn flavour on the back of the palate. The finish is both long and slightly viscous, allowing the flavour to hold for some time after passing over the palate.

In cinemas all around the world, caramel popcorn is a popular movie snack. What we have done is replicated the flavours and aromas of your average caramel popcorn, and made a delicious, sweet-tooth satisfying popcorn and caramel milkshake.

Start off by adding into a blender:

10ml    MONIN Popcorn

15ml    MONIN Caramel Sauce

200ml  Milk

150g    Ice

Blend and dump into a cup of your choice. Garnish with grated nutmeg and serve.

Try experiment with MONIN popcorn, and let your creativity run free!