Yuzu Purée

Yuzu Purée

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The ‘Yuzu’ is a Japanese citrus fruit, often likened to a lemon crossed with a mandarin orange. The flavour is quite distinctive; sharp and acidic, with heavy notes of blossom. Yuzu are extremely hardy citrus and can thrive even in very cold temperatures. This typically means that a yuzu tree will bear fruit earlier in the winter than other citrus fruits, but the yuzu do fine in milder climates (as long as you’re in a citrus-friendly area) as well and can have a growing season that lasts through spring. Yuzu are not commonly seen in most markets, and Asian markets are usually the best place to find them. They’ve been becoming more popular over the past couple of years and you can also often spot them at farmers’ markets amongst the other citrus. Our MONIN Yuzu Puree is delightfully viscous, with a tangy introduction to the sides of your palate, and a warm zingy finish that holds on the centre of your tongue.

Having triple the amount of Vitamin C in comparison to a lemon, and with an amazing characteristically citrus-heavy aroma, the demand for Yuzu is rising. This beautiful citrus can be used in many different ways; cocktails, milkshakes & Frappés, to name a few. To showcase the versatility of our MONIN Yuzu Puree, we have put together a simple lemonade that is both unique and flavoursome.

Start by adding into an ice-filled Collins glass:

15ml    MONIN Yuzu Puree

30ml    MONIN Guava Syrup

Top with Lemonade, and garnish with some edible flowers (optional).

Experiment with our MONIN Yuzu puree, and let your creativity run free!