Agave Syrup 700 ml Glass

Agave Syrup 700 ml Glass

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Agave, being native to the hot and arid regions of Mexico (and the Southwestern United States), is a wonderfully viscous sweetener. An Agave syrup tends to be less sweet than honey, and on that note (being a syrup), less viscous as well. Our MONIN Agave Syrup has a solid body, holding strong on the front of your palate, and finishing with a lovely burnt, almost pineapple-like finish.

To demonstrate the similarities to Agave Nectar, we have used our MONIN Agave Syrup in a classic Tommy’s Margarita. Start by adding into a shaker:

45ml    Arette Reposado

30ml    Fresh Lime Juice

20ml    MONIN Agave Syrup

Add ice, shake hard for 8 seconds, then single strain into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass prepped with a ½ salt rim. Garnish with a lime wheel (place inside glass) and serve.

Experiment with our MONIN Agave Syrup, and let your creativity run free!