Blackcurrant Syrup 700 ml Glass

Blackcurrant Syrup 700 ml Glass

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One of the scents of summer, Blackberry is a popular flavour, used to make the classic French Kir cocktail.  A standard Kir, made by combining white wine with blackberry, blackcurrant or peach syrup, or a Kir Berrichon or Communard (the name varies depending on region), made with red wine, are often served as aperitifs.

There are more than 2,000 different species of blackberry, which are cultivated throughout the world.  Available from July to September, blackberries vary in taste from sweet to tart.  They are used in classic summer puddings and trifle, preserved as jam or jelly, or served with rich meats such as venison or duck.

MONIN Blackberry delivers a sweet, tangy, ripe flavour; rich, soft, succulent. With a  deep purple hue and a complex taste of tart sweetness, our MONIN blackberry syrup lets you bring its intriguing profile to refreshing cocktails, iced teas, lemonades and more.

Try experiment with MONIN Blackberry Syrup, and let your creativity run free!