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Coconut Syrup

Coconut Syrup

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The coconut is native to more than 80 tropical and sub-tropical countries such as Indonesia, India and Thailand, where it is considered indispensable.  In fact, in several different languages, the name for the coconut palm means that all parts of the tree are useful in some way. Our MONIN Coconut syrup is an extremely versatile flavour, its intense, sweet flavour goes well with sweet, bitter and salty flavours. As well as having many culinary uses, coconut is used in beauty products because coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser.

To utilise the sweet intense flavour of our MONIN coconut syrup, we have combined it with our MONIN white chocolate frappe powder. The flavour combination of coconut and white chocolate is extremely delicious, giving a soft sweetness, almost like brown sugar.

In a mug, add:

10ml                MONIN Coconut

½ scoop           MONIN White Chocolate Frappé Powder

150ml              Hot Milk

Stir well, and garnish with coconut flakes and grated chocolate (dark or white).