Cherry Blossom Syrup 700 ml Glass

Cherry Blossom Syrup 700 ml Glass

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Cherry Blossom is the symbol of traditional Japanese values - transitory beauty, purity and simplicity. With MONIN’s Cherry Blossom syrup you have the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of spring, one of the most important Japanese events. The cherry blossom season is relatively short as the blossoms are falling from the trees after the blooming peak which shows the brevity of the human life and of its beauty, too. You can experience the intensity of this new flavour as they do in Japan, where the Cherry Blossom is memorable due to the famous spring event O-Hanami, a friendly and traditional gathering under the cherry blossom trees to appreciate the sight of the flowers.

Tasting notes: Delicate floral perfume.

Beverage Innovation Director's Tip: To keep the original taste, don't mix it with too many ingredients. I would recommend using Cherry Blossom in Martini drinks (vodka or gin) with a touch of lemon which enhances its delicate flavour. Perfect as a fresh after dinner drink.


  • Champagne
  • Sparkling wine
  • White wine
  • Flavoured sodas
  • Cocktails

Experiment with our MONIN Cherry Blossom syrup, and let your creativity run free!