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Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower Syrup

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Elderflower; a flavour that is commonly associated with summer, is a beautiful and versatile flavour. Floral and fragrant, subtle yet heavy.  Our MONIN Elderflower offers a fresh aroma that is enticing on the nose, soft on the palate, and leaves a slight zest on the finish. It pairs excellently with juniper notes of Gin, the lighter body of white rums, and with carbonated beverages like Prosecco and lemonades (Eg. The Hugo Cocktail).

What we have done is put a simple twist on your classic Daiquiri, adding the extra flavour dimensions of ginger, mint, apple, pineapple & elderflower. A bitter sweet cocktail that is both refreshing and light on the palate.

Start off by adding into a shaker:

2x (thin thumb-sized) slices of ginger

5ml MONIN Pure Cane Sugar

Muddle the ginger to extract the flavour.

Then add the following ingredients into the shaker:

45ml Havana Club 3 Anejo 3 Anos

30ml Keri Apple Juice

15ml Keri Pineapple Juice

15ml Fresh Lime Juice

15ml MONIN Elderflower

6x Mint Leaves

Add ice, and shake hard for 8 seconds. Double strain (Use a hawthorne strainer and a fine strainer) into a chilled Coupè glass. Top with 45ml of Soda Water, then garnish with a mint leaf and enjoy.

Try experiment with MONIN Elderflower, and let your creativity run free!