Green Apple Syrup

Green Apple Syrup

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A flavour commonly associated with the infamous ‘Appletini’, the flavour of apples is one of the most popular and widely cultivated fruits in the world; a symbol of love and beauty. Our MONIN Green Apple syrup has a lovely emerald green colour. It offers a tangy sweet introduction to the palate; crisp and tart, bright and refreshing.

To demonstrate the nostalgia of our MONIN Green Apple Syrup, here is a simple Green Apple soda that you can easily make at home:

Into an ice-filled Collins glass, add:

40ml    MONIN Green Apple Syrup

10ml    MONIN Lime Syrup

200ml  Soda Water

Give the drink a quick stir, and serve. If a garnish is needed, a Granny Smith apple fan would be a lovely touch.

Try experiment with MONIN Green Apple Syrup and let your creativity run free!