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Peach Purée

Peach Purée

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Peaches, while more sweet than sour, are a soft fruit; aromatic and packed full of flavour, yet not overwhelming on the palate. Our MONIN peach puree offers the exact same: a sweet and aromatic flavour that, rather than overwhelming the palate, caresses the front of your tongue.

To help bring out the light flavours of our MONIN peach puree, we have created a Collins-style cocktail, focusing on peach and vanilla as the base flavours.

Start off by coating the rim of a Collins glass with the flesh of a lemon. This will provide a coating for the next step, which is rimming the glass with brown sugar. Placing some brown sugar on a napkin, gently press the rim of the Collins glass on the brown sugar and rotate until the entire rim is covered in brown sugar. Fill the glass with ice, then set it aside.

Next, add the following ingredients into a shaker:

45ml Havana Club 3 Anejo 3 Anos

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml MONIN Vanilla

10ml MONIN Peach Puree

Top with lemonade

Add ice, and shake hard for 8 seconds. Double strain (Use a Hawthorne strainer and a fine strainer) into the sugar rimmed Collins glass. Top with lemonade, then garnish with a lemon zest alongside the sugar rim.

Experiment with our MONIN peach puree, and let your creativity run free!