Peach Tea Syrup

Peach Tea Syrup

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Juicy, ripened peaches and lightly sweetened iced tea go hand in hand during summertime. Using only natural ingredients, MONIN’s range of fruity tea syrups delivers mouth-filling aromatic flavours which are nature’s own. This intense fruit flavours packs a powerful fruity punch and marries perfectly with the naturally astringent, smoky taste of black tea to create authentic, refreshing iced teas. Make time for MONIN Teas! Go ahead and try your own Peach Iced Tea using our MONIN Peach Tea Syrup!

Add into an ice-filled Collins glass:

30ml    MONIN Peach Tea Syrup

180ml  Chilled Water

Garnish with a peach wedge, and serve.

Try experiment with MONIN Peach Tea Syrup and let your creativity run free!