Pomegranate Syrup

Pomegranate Syrup

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Pomegranate, often confused with Grenadine (being a syrup that is made with pomegranate), is a very bright flavour. The perceived flavour of the pomegranate fruit results from the combination of taste, aroma and mouth-feel sensations; the taste being governed mainly by the presence of sugars (glucose and fructose) and organic acids (primarily citric and malic acids). However, our MONIN pomegranate syrup focuses on providing an authentic representation; offering a bitter-sweet taste that immediately addresses the front of your palate. Slightly viscous on the tongue, yet an overall welcoming flavour.

What we have come up with is a simple cocktail that uses common ingredients you can find in your kitchen/home bar. This cocktail is called the ‘Lover’s Quarrel’, named after the conflicting colour combinations of the cocktail, and bring about a simplistic take on a rum sour, with the added flavor dimension of pomegranate.


Start off by adding the following ingredients into a shaker:

The egg white of 1x egg

45ml Havana Club 3 Anejo 3 Anos

30ml Apple Juice

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml MONIN Pomegranate

Dash Sugar Syrup

Add Ice, and shake hard for 8 seconds. Double Strain (Use a hawthorne strainer and a fine strainer) into one of the tins, then dump ice, and shake again (using the same shaker, but without the ice this time). This technique is called the ‘reverse dry-shake’; a method in effectively emulsifying the egg white, while adding dilution to the cocktail, and mixing the ingredients together. Strain into a chilled flute, garnish the cocktail with a lemon zest, and enjoy.

Try experiment with MONIN pomegranate, and let your creativity run free!