Strawberry Purée

Strawberry Purée

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Being one of the more popular fruits to enjoy during the summer time, strawberries are wonderfully juicy and packed full of flavour. Our MONIN strawberry puree is bright and sweet, offering the front of your palate with a fruity viscous burst of flavour and brushing over to give a light, slightly tangy finish.

Taking on the imagery of a milkshake we all would like to drink on the beach in the sun, we have put together a simple banana & strawberry milkshake, showcasing how easily our MONIN strawberry puree can show through.

Start off by adding into a blender:

30ml                MONIN Strawberry Puree

1x                    Banana

300ml              Milk

150g                Ice

Blend and dump into a cup of your choice. Garnish with skewered sliced bananas (and strawberries if you have any), and serve.

Try to experiment with our MONIN strawberry puree, and let your creativity run free!