Vanilla Syrup 700 ml Glass

Vanilla Syrup 700 ml Glass

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Based on only the finest pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, MONIN Vanilla syrup has an exquisite, premium flavour, probably the reason it is one of the top three coffee flavours. A classic ingredient derived from orchids, vanilla is widely used in baking and desserts for its pure, delicate taste. Our MONIN Vanilla syrup adds a rich, smooth flavour to lattes, mochas, smoothies, shakes, specialty cocktails, and even whipped cream; offering a distinctive and sweet vanilla extract aroma

Make your own vanilla latte using our MONIN Vanilla syrup! Make your latte as per your normal methodology, but as an added step, add your vanilla syrup to the coffee cup beforehand. If you have an issue with curdling, you can add the vanilla in when you steam the milk, and steam together!

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Try to experiment with MONIN Vanilla Syrup and let your creativity run free!

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