Watermelon Syrup

Watermelon Syrup

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The top-seller in central and eastern Europe, particularly in Russia where watermelon is widely consumed, MONIN Watermelon syrup delivers the exotic, fresh, thirst-quenching taste of this ultimate summer fruit. A vine-like flowering plant originating from southern Africa, today China is the world’s single largest producer of watermelon.  Containing 6% sugar and 92% water by weight, a watermelon can be round or oblong with a deep pink or yellow flesh full of vitamin C and encased in a hard green, yellow or white rind. Eaten fresh in slices, watermelon is also a delicious salad ingredient and can be used to make refreshing desserts such as watermelon ice lollies and delicate sorbets. The delicate, thirst-quenching taste of MONIN Watermelon syrup will create revitalising cocktails, fruit punches, lemonades and smoothies. 

Make your own MONIN Watermelon Soda by adding into an ice-filled Collins glass:

30ml MONIN Watermelon Syrup

10ml MONIN Lime Syrup

200ml Soda Water

Try to experiment with MONIN Watermelon Syrup and let your creativity run free!

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